Innovative composite ideas in series!

More than 30 years in the composites business have put us in touch with a wide variety of applications:

Battery carrier for E-buses     Protectors against rockfall     Valve cover for motorcycles

GRP leaf springs     Thread guide for textile machines     Hard shells for cycling helmets

Interior and exterior cladding for trams and trains     Plektren

Pressure vessel     CFRP poles for advertising banner     Stands and holders for measuring instruments

Hockey sticks     Covering parts for operating tables     Plates for embossing dies     Troughs

Scaffold planks     Seat shells     CFRP parts for a major physical experiment

Crosshead for paper machine     CFK motorcycle frame     Moulded trays for paper cores

Car trailers for advertising purposes     Parachute helmets     Motorcycle sidecars

Motorcycle tanks, benches and fairings     Air freight containers and pallets

CFRP components for machine tools     “Bonnets” for go-karts     Negative shapes

Bobbin carriers for yarn dyeing     Car body parts for racing cars     Benches for indoor swimming pools

GRP frames for railway bogies     CFRP components for medical equipment

Robot arm     CFK basic body for grinding wheels     Resonance board for piano

CFRP components for measuring instruments     Components for flywheel energy accumulators

What is your innovative application? Do you need a realisable composite concept? What are your goals?
Conserving resources, improving the CO2 balance, reducing life-cycle costs, improving durability, integrating functions, extending service life, reducing noise emissions, improving fire behaviour, reducing the number of parts, increasing efficiency or simply reducing mass?
We are happy to make our knowledge and skills available to you,
to develop and manufacture a series product from your composite idea,
material-fair, quality- and process-oriented, economical.